What Exit Strategies are Legal in my State?

What Exit Strategies are Legal in my State?

What are the Contract Laws for NY State?

I want to do assignment of contract but I don't know
what's enforceable in this state...

Does anybody have a contract they are using for NY State that I can use?

Thank you and God Bless


Any body Knows?

If Every one knew how to approach this it can change everything

Please If you are reading this and you know the answer to this question
Please let us know

Don't be afraid to answer, because there is no wrong answer

Hi GD Real Estate,

I'm not familiar with NY state laws. If you are looking for 'assignment of contract' doc you can find it under Student Resources on this website. Do you have a real estate attorney? If so maybe he/she could review it for you to be sure it is OK to use in NY or make changes if necessary.

SPR Property Solutions, LLC

thanks fracarell789

thank you for responding...

I would like to ask one but Don't they charge a fee?

Hi Gerard,

Our attorney didn't charge us to review documents, only if he creates them for us. But I'm not sure if other attorneys do this. Maybe you could check around? Ask other investors for referrals?

SPR Property Solutions, LLC


Thanks Fracarell,

I will do it...

God Bless you