New Jersey Offer form - HELP NJ INVESTORS

New Jersey Offer form - HELP NJ INVESTORS

My real estate agent sent me this email regarding making offers in New Jersey:

There is no regular offer form other than the standard NJ contract (CONTRACT OF SALE) I gave you a copy of for most home sales, including bank owned and short sales. Serious offers need the earnest money deposit of the usual $1,000 and pre-approval for mortgage financing or proof of funds in the case of a cash offer.

Commercial listings do have an "intent to purchase" form or letter and then the lawyers write up the terms.

So if you decide on an offering price, I can speak to the listing agent to sense if it is likely accepted, and than after speaking with you, I will write up that contract (we can always change page 1 after any counter-offers) and than I can submit it with proof of funds and the token $1000 earnest money deposit.

I usually write as strong a cover letter as I can to go with all offers. Sometimes that is the only way they see your offers strong points among many others in highly competitive situations

I dont really understand this-- AN OFFER FORM IS THE SAME AS A CONTRACT OF SALE? --- Please help nj investors


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