Property Disclosure Statement and IEE contract.

Property Disclosure Statement and IEE contract.

Hi all,

I've read Dean's Profit From Real Estate Right Now and have 2 questions.

1. Where can I find the "Property Disclosure Statement" that is mentioned in the book. In the book, it says that in order to do either the IEE or the Assignment type deals you need to have the seller fill out a "Property Disclosure Statement" that describes the property and it's functions/amenities/problems/characteristics. I can't find this form on though. Isn't one needed? All I can find is the lead paint disclosure statement. In the last chapter of Profit From Real Estate Right Now Dean talks about selling your house in 7 days using the auction system. He says that at the auction house you need to have this "Property Disclosure Statement" for bidders to look over.

2. With the IEE contract at what should I put in the blank for "according to accepted criteria of BLANK and its funding sources" and what do I put for "legal description of property"?

Thanks a million all!


property disclosure statement

This is a very standard form filled out by the seller of the house during a real estate transaction. Mostly is very self explanatory. the owner?seller of the house fills out basically a list of everything in the house and checks it off as in working order or "discloses" if it is not or if he knows something is wrong. you can find it on this site. Look on left hand side of page under heading: "Student Resources" then go down to the catagory "Forms and Docs". another page will come up with lots of different forms and contracts you can copy. If your computer is like mine and you cannot access microsoft word as you don't know the #s it wants you to enter proving you bought the word program. you can't open the "doc's" file to download it. I am able only to open PDF files and copy those. The property disclosure statement is not in a PDF file format but doc. if not here you can search for- your state real estate forms property disclosure statement. Then you know you will have the standard form used in your state. That is what I had to do. Hope that helped. Layman T. Scott President of Scott Realty & Housing,LLC

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