IEE vs Assignment

IEE vs Assignment

I couldn't find the answer to this on the website so here goes:

Based on reading Dean's book, it is my impression that an "Investors Disclosure Statement and Seller's Acknowledgment" form is only required for IEE deals (when I'm assigning the prop to a buyer who's getting a mortgage). But, am I correct if I say that I don't need that same form for an assignemnt deal when I'm passing it off to a Cash buyer? I just need a regular purchase agreement and just to put "and/or assigns" after my name? So does the seller not know that I plan to use a time period to pass of the deal?

Well, I assume that even in an assignment I have to be transparent with the seller that I will be tying up the house for 7 or 14 or 30 days. It probably says this in the Purchase Agreement that I make and have the seller sign? So in essence is the "Investor Dis. Statement and Seller's Ack" included in the Purchase Agreement for an assignemnt, but is a seperate form when it comes to the IEE deal?

Thanks in advance for the help guys.


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