Assignment Contract with a Realtor

Assignment Contract with a Realtor

Can Someone help me understand is it easy or hard to LOCK UP A HOME with a agent. I have a few homes that looks like great deals but don't know how to attack it with a realtor being rude to me any help with this would be nice.



Hi Kelly I'm not sure how

Hi Kelly

I'm not sure how the laws work there (I'm from Canada) but if an agent is rude call his boss the Broker. There is always a manager on duty and they will hook you up with an agent willing to work with you. Remember you are the boss so don't let them take over. Follow the course outline. If you do not get the home for the price you feel would work for you, move on to the next house. Do your homework, check the area sales, crime, schools, shopping, etc. Good Luck!




Are you trying to make an offer through the listing agent? If this is the case, find an agent, to represent you, who understands assignments and have them deal with the listing agent. If "your" agent is being rude, change agents.



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kelly it can be tough doing

kelly it can be tough doing assignments with agents in the middle especially if your take is bigger than theirs...personally i wouldnt pursue a deal with a real estate agent in the middle only because there are too many fsbo's begging for a way out...if you find a good agent that you have a relationship with and that understands investing then by all means...pursue the deal...but most agents will have to be educated on the legal basis that allow assignments and your assignee/investor/end-buyer would have to be okay with having an agent in the middle..otherwise it won't work.... hope this helps!

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