Contract for deed

Contract for deed

The Student Secrets book has an interview with Greg Murphy. He states he uses a Contract for Deed opposed to a lease option because a note cannot be created for this thing and the not cannot be sold to other investors. He states he uses a lawyer to draw up the contract. Question is what are we including in the contract? I don't know what to tell the lawyer to draw up because I don't know what to include. Is there a sample of this type of contract?


Contract for Deed

You can go to Office Depot or Staples they have them and they are legal. Or go to and you can buy one there to.

down payment

Greg also states he has the buyer put a down payment which he may use some to fix the house and he puts the rest in his pocket. The buyer then is financed with a regular mortgage. Is the down payment stated in the mortgage contract, does the buyer have to put more money down when obtaining financing? Confused here?


I would recommend getting the new book. Greg's whole system is laid out in detail in this one. He has really perfected it and shares EVERYTHING, right down to actual images of his contracts and bandit signs. It is amazing. No detail left out.



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If your attorney doesn't

If your attorney doesn't have a sample of a Contract for Deed, then you need to move on to the next one that is willing to give you a sample. What use is an attorney that can't draft the paperwork needed to close a deal?

An attorney like that is normally the one that pulls the plug at the last minute. Stay away.


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