How Real Estate Options Can Help YOU Get Rich!

How Real Estate Options Can Help YOU Get Rich!

Discover How Real Estate Options Can Help You Get Rich Instead Of Everyone Else And Learn How Options On Real Estate Allow You To Profit On Properties You Do Not Own
WHO really makes money from property sales and what are "real estate options"?
First, who really makes the money? The Seller makes money. The Realtor, Bank, Appraiser, Lawyer, Insurance Agent, and even the City, County and State tax collectors make money, but the BUYER pays (even if the 'lucky' buyer buys a distressed fixer upper for no money down, he pays).
Each year, countless souls across this country who want to 'Get Rich' fall for the same old sales-pitch and pay millions of dollars for courses, tapes, manuals and books on 'How To' buy distressed properties with No Money Down, or tax lien properties or fixer uppers.
Remember, BUYERS are the ones who have to make the monthly payments (if they can get the financing to begin with); pay the interest; pay the taxes and assessments; pay the cost of upkeep and maintenance; and pay the commission to the realty agent when they decide to sell. (How do you get rich "paying?")
Doesn't logic tell you that to make money in real estate, you MUST be on the 'selling' side of the deal? But ...
How can you 'sell' something if you don't own (buy) it first?
You could become an agent or a broker and 'earn' commissions for selling, but being an agent/broker is a full-time job and allows few (if any) opportunities to build a real estate empire, unless you do a lot of 'buying' for your own account (there's that costly word; 'buying,' again).
If you aren't a Banker, Appraiser, Lawyer, Insurance Agent, or Tax Collector, and you want to be on the 'profitable' selling side (as opposed to the 'costly' buying side) in building your real estate empire, the only real alternative you have is using real estate options.
What are Options On Real Estate or Real Estate Options?
A real estate option gives you 'control' of a piece of real estate WITHOUT BUYING IT! By having Options on Real Estate, you have the exclusive right to either buy that property, or NOT to buy it. The choice is yours.
It is an 'exclusive' right. That means that NO ONE ELSE can buy or sell that property during the term of your option. If that isn't 'control' I don't know what is.
And (in most cases), the owner keeps paying all of the inherent costs of the property taxes, assessments, upkeep & maintenance.
What could be better than 'controlling' a real estate empire WITHOUT BUYING ANY REAL ESTATE? Let the owner keep paying the inherent costs. And, either 'sell' the property, or 'sell' the option itself, for a profit.
If the seller sells the property to someone else, while you hold this exclusive option, you are entitled to any monies the seller receives over the price you have agreed to pay for the property or if the seller sells the property for less than what he agreed to sell it to you on your option, you can collect the difference from the seller.
'Exclusive' means 'exclusive' under the law.
No one, not even the owner of the property, can 'buy' or 'sell' that property, legally, without first satisfying your option.
You own the exclusive right to buy that property, or not buy that property, or sell that property to someone else, or sell the option itself to someone else.
When you use an option, you are NOT BUYING REAL ESTATE; you are buying the exclusive right to buy (or not buy) that Real Estate. That means you also have the exclusive right to sell the property as well.
Using an option on real estate, you also have another advantage ...
You will usually be dealing with 'prime' (or at least acceptable and presentable) real estate properties. Whereas, if you deal with 'distressed' properties, 9 times out of 10, you are dealing with 'garbage' real estate.
Leave the 'garbage' properties for the distress property buyers; no money downers; and buyers of fixer uppers.
When an owner decides to sell, who do they go to? A realtor, or their lawyer, or their banker. If the deal is good, these insiders pass it along to their cronies, or act on it themselves.
This is the way the "insiders" make their money in real estate. You won't find them "buying" properties; until after they have already sold it. -- It's done every day by people-in-the-know.


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