Refering a property to an investor.

Refering a property to an investor.

I wanted to know any suggestions on what should I do to guarantee I get paid. I have a guy that lives out of state that says he'll give me 10% of whatever he sales each of his homes for if I find a buyer for his homes in Cleveland where I live. He has tenants already in all but 2 houses and he has 20 that he wants to sale. What type of contract or other paper work should I use to make sure I get my 10% ?



I would have my real estate attorney draw something up.Then start marketing those property's and find some buyers.sounds like you have a gold mine with the one seller...your first 20 deals. Best of luck on your deals!


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be careful

You need to check and see if you need a Real Estate sales license, in your state, to market and sell Real Estate for a fee. As Mike said, check with a real estate attorney.




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For every individual

For every individual property, have him/her sign a confidentiality agreement and sign a finders fee agreement per home for X amount.

Also get a POF thats valid within 90 days to hold toknow they are serious

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