If seller already has agent

If seller already has agent

If a seller already has a real estate agent or realtor trying to sell their house, wouldn't it be wrong for us to approach the seller and trying to do an assignment deal?



why would it be wrong?

What would make it wrong to do an assignment if the seller has an agent/Realtor? I Don't know if I fully understand why you think it would be wrong. I've submitted several offers to sellers (who have agents/Realtors) including an "and/assign" clause.

Its true that some sellers and agents Don't like offers that include "and/assign" or may not accept your offer because of it, But there is no reason that it would be WRONG..

Read Deans Book "Profit From Real Estate Right Now." There is a whole section dedicated to Assignments and explains it thoroughly...

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If the seller has an agent,

If the seller has an agent, your best bet is to go through the agent,....FIRST!!!!

As the listing agent, the agent is legally protected to receive their commission, but you dont want to come off like you're going around the agent as we/they can make things very very difficult and since we have such direct interaction with the seller a few simple words can make it bad for you.

Do protocol and work with the agent; we're your best friend, especially if you're not really the buyer.

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