Need Help With This Offer ASAP

Need Help With This Offer ASAP

Hello Fellow Investors!

I need some guidance on structuring my first deal. I will keep it brief.

I found a new construction in Florida that has been sitting since 2007 when the market really cooled off. It would be a rental for now until there is a stronger buyers market. It cash flows easily and then some.

The last comp was last year 1 less bedroom sold for $150k. The builder/owner is asking for $135,000 I offered $120,000, he countered $127,000, with a 6% sellers concession. His main concern is keeping the the sold price as high as possible for the next phase of homes they build, as this home I am purchasing will be the comp the drives it. He is also leasing the home from me for 3 months while I find a renter and use it as a model for new buyers for the new build that is going up.

My questions:
How can I maximize my cash to closing to offset my down payment and closing costs once I exceed 6% sc capped by the bank? Is there a way to do this after closing?
He is also offered owner financing in 2nd position if we need it as a last resort. How can this get in play if need be and getting around the lender.

Out of all things my main goal is getting into this home with the least amount of money out of pocket. I feel like all the resources are there I just need guidance on setting it up.

Thanks for your help.


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