Finders fee and contract

Finders fee and contract

I am fairly new to the real estate world. Im a current graduate from college and Im currently reading dean's real estate milliionaire book. Im trying to get started in bird-dogging and I have a few questions: where can I get an assignment fee contract from? How do I go about negotiating the fee to the buyer?


Finder`s Fee Contract

Go down on left side of website under student resources and click on forms and docs. there are two contracts called "agreement to purchase", this is used to purchase contract from seller. When you sign form put and/or assigns after your name. Also there is a contract called "Assignment of contract", this is used to transfer property to buyer for your assignment fee. If you are just birddogging you only need a non-disclosure agreement.

Thanks alot for the

Thanks alot for the advice!!! I really appreciate it. God bless!