Bird-Dogging & Contract Assignments

Bird-Dogging & Contract Assignments

Greetings from San Francisco, CA !!!

My name is Dimitri, and this is my very first post, so I hope I am doing so within the proper chat room.

I've just started reading Dean's latest book, and based on what I've read so far, I believe I'd like to establish myself as an expert bird dog and assignor of contracts in my city for as many in-state and out-of-state investor partners that I can learn to work with reliably and responsibly.

As a novice, I would be very thankful for any basic guidance and instruction that can be provided to me by any interested veteran investors, so I can get started working with you. I live near Golden Gate Park, and know of several properties close to home that are currently for sale by motivated owners, and I want to learn the first steps to facilitation of successful deals. Just tell me what I need to do for you, and I'll try my best to get it done.

Please advise,



First Thing!!!

To be successful in doing assignment of contract or being a bird dog you MUST create a great buyers list first, specifically investor buyers. These are people who actually have funds! If you locate a deal that they want or seem to have information that they are interested in - they can pay for that information or that deal you have under contract. You must meet these people and qualify them. Find out what they want exactly! Ask several questions, get specific answers - this will be the key to your success.

If you meet an investor and they say "Oh bring me whatever you find, I can close on about anything you have" this probably is not an investor. How could they not know where and what they invest their money in. Do not allow these people to send you on a wild goose chase on deals they will never take advantage of! This is very important that you understand that you must find people who have money.

You can find investors at any auction setting - foreclosure auctions, estate sales, tax deed auctions. You can meet these people at REI Clubs. Once you meet an investor let them know that part of your investment model is assigning contracts or being a bird dog. Ensure that they would be willing to take the time out to work with you, if they will - ask them what they want FIRST!!! Get a commitment from them, if you bring them a deal and they indicate that they are not interested in the deal ask if they could show you where you went wrong so you dont continue to waste your time and theirs. The next deal you bring will be better and more in line with what they want.

I hope that this information helps you!!


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This is a great post, thanks for the information shared. This will help alot of people not to waste time and instead find those quality people. This is exactly what Dean has put in his books, but it is nice to hear it again from inside this site and coming from someone just trying to lend a helping hand.


Be patient one day your ship will come in, I can see mine so I am swimming to it!! Don't let the waves (Naysayers)knock you down, always keep swimming (never give up and say it doesn't work)with your head above water or you will drown. FAILURE IS NOT AN ACTION IT IS THE LACK ACTION..@#$%