FSBO vs Realtor.....when wholesaling.

FSBO vs Realtor.....when wholesaling.

I hear everyone saying that when it comes to wholesaling, that working directly with an FSBO is probably easier to work with than a realtor. I can definitely understand why this is true. But there are so few FSBO's compared to homes for sale by realtor. Basically what Im asking is: do many of you have success putting in a bid with that realtor? Are they generally accepted at a 30% decrease? Will the realtor even tell the owner if he/she thinks the offer is ridiculous? Can someone give me their personal account with putting in a bid for a home if it is for sale by a realtor?


Stay Away

Realtors think they are slick with posting FSBO ads. My advice is don't do business with them. They are a deal breakers.

I used to go to a website

I used to go to a website called forsalebyowner.com in the early days when there where just owners. Now it's just a website filled with agents selling properties so it's hard to even get in touch with the seller.

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