Using leverage to get a savvy Realtor to work with you

Using leverage to get a savvy Realtor to work with you

Script for Real Estate Agents

The key to making your relationship with a Realtor work is bringing something to that relationship that the Realtor needs. This is called leverage. You may not be buying anything yourself, but if you have a pool of investors already lined up, then most any Realtor would be thrilled to help you out. With a strong investors list you have the power to do multiple deals over time and put tons of money in the Realtor’s pocket. Without investors lined up you may not be able to do anything.

“Hello, my name is (Your name), how are you? I’m just getting started with real estate investing and currently have a group of 17 (or what every number you actually have) investors I’m working with. I have already spoken personally with each buyer, so I know specifically what these investors want and how often they want to purchase. My intention is to find property that match their criteria, put the properties under contract and then sell the contract to the investor for more money.”

Questions for Realtors:
“How long have you been a Realtor?”
“Have you ever worked with investors before?”
“Do you invest personally?”
“How many deals have you been closing per year as an agent?”
“Have you ever worked on an Assignment of Contract?”
“Can you email me listings that match my buyer’s criteria?”
“Are you willing to write & submit up to 10 offers a week that are 25-35% below market value?”

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Valuable Info

Thanks Jeff.
This is great stuff. I was just putting together a list of realtors that I wanted to interview to see how they could work with me. I wasn't sure of exactly what I was going to ask them. I do now.

Thanks so much.



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Great Info

Thanks for the info/questions to use with realtors.


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What I Have Also Done

I realize that in talking with investors and real estate agents is to be honest and let them know how long you are in the business. If you do not, they will find out anyway while talking to you. In doing this I realize how much I have learned and how much agents were willing to share with me. Honesty and integrity work for me every time, and I am sticking with them. Well to be honest, I have a really great real estate agent, so I do not need to look elsewhere. Great information sharing.



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