Attorney will give discount to Forum Members for Contract Review(Assignments...)

Attorney will give discount to Forum Members for Contract Review(Assignments...)

Hi All,

Just sent my husband a text...see there is a huge need for members to find an Attorney that understands contract assignments. I am going to see if he will give all forum members a break on pricing for reviewing their contracts. He currently works for a Firm full-time, but is looking to branch out on his own. I am also looking to get him involved in my real-estate deals. He is currently licensed in AZ and Iowa(think NE too, but let me double check). Just passed the CA bar and has submitted his paper-work. Should be officially able to practice in CA in January. He has also submitted paper work for Colorado, as he has reciprocity for being an AZ attorney. He comes from a family of real estate investors. Two other siblings are attorneys, One in AZ, the other in Iowa/NE. My husband is also a realtor in AZ and a CPA in AZ. Very savvy with every tax loop-hole known to man, because of family business investments and family team of attorney's and investors(Mother, Father, Brothers and Sister).

Let me know what kind of rates you think are fair for DG Members and I will make a proposal to him. I have no idea what would be a fair rate. If enough business is coming his way to make it worth while, I'm sure he will be willing to negotiate hourly rate or flat fee.

Also, having been putting this info. out there, but I am looking for business partner in AZ that is open to working deals in areas my husband and I are familiar with and currently have properties(IA, AZ, CO, NE). We also have close family in CA(cousin owns a Mortgage company) and lots of family in Atlanta area. We have the advantage of using my husband's expertise and licensing for various areas of our business. This is something I want to do without having him quit his job right away,
but would eventually like him to be a full-time partner too. He is great with numbers, legal stuff and taxes, so I'm going to use that to my advantage. I am great with people and being a hunter. My three kids are now in school, so I have all day to work and find deals. I am eager and hungry. Let me know your thoughts.




Tracy Coats