Can I reuse a contract drawn up by an Attorney & just change the specifics..?

Can I reuse a contract drawn up by an Attorney & just change the specifics..?

About a month ago I had a P&S drawn up by a local RE Attorney specifically for assignmnets in my state. I know we have some available here from DG but when I presented them to him and stated "this is what I will be using to lock up these properties" he felt they would not hold up in closing as they were "not sufficient" and wouldnt cover all the "what ifs" that he has encounted in his 20+ years as an RE Attorney. Made sense to me, I mean he is the Attorney. This cost me $500. My question is this: Is it illegal for me to alter this contract just a bit by keeping the basic meat and potatoes of the contract, but just change the specifics as to my next possible deal? I would be using the contract for the same purpose so whats the harm? So for instance the contract was between "Susie Smith and Myself". Can I just change that name to my next possible sellers name and all the specifics realted to that house? My reasoning here is that obviously Im not going to spend that type of money everytime I find a deal and get it under contract just to have him change the name and address to the new sellers info and charge me again. Am I out of line here or should I be looking for a new attorney? Problem with looking for another Attorney is that I will bestarting over again from square one as far as the relationship goes. Makes sense? Anyones input is greatly appreciated.


you already paid for it

marc,you already paid for it,therefore you own it.unless there are stipulations stating in THAT contract that you can't change or reuse, i don't see the problem.if i'm correct, you also told the attorney you'd be using this (the dg version)for all your deals.he said that one didn't answer all the what if's, so he charged you $500.00 for his copy.again,it's yours.keep moving forward,rob


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keep moving forward, rob

Great question! I've

Great question! I've wondered the same thing. Pretty sure that you can reuse the same contract over again. Many attorneys will just draft you a blank one anyway before you have a deal, in which case you would be free to use as many times as needed. I don't think this would be much different.



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Tell him

Tell your attorney that you need one without the blanks filled in...meaning one that is ready to use with each assignment you have. You paid $500 and you should be entitled to have it without someones name in the _____________.




Great Advice..

Thanks for the comments, makes sense. I will give a call today and see what he says to the "blank" request. Sounds like there is really no reason he should be able to say no.

Again, great to pose questions like this here as there is typically someone who has ran into the same issue or has had the same question and never asked!

Rob, Shiela, Sis- Thanks!