Closing questions

Closing questions

What happens if you are unable to be present at a closing? I was told since the property I am interested in is so far away, I wouldn't have to be there. Has anyone been in this situation? If so can someone explain what goes on and what I need to do, as far as making sure I receive my Assignment fee and the property is transfered into the new Buyer's name?
Thanks again for any help you all can give me.



Nancy, we're looking at this

Nancy, we're looking at this right now. I think you should be able to sign at a title company in your town, they will just have to overnight the documents to and from that office (for extra fees, of course!), and it will delay the funding a day or two because of that. The escrow company will probably wire your money directly into your bank account on the day of funding, so for that it wouldn't matter where you or your bank were at.

Your escrow officer should be able to tell you all this for sure, and give you the details, but there's no reason it shouldn't work.

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Thank you for your input. I just wanted to make sure before I continue to look for properties out of state.

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