The New Year (2009) & Self-Discipline

The New Year (2009) & Self-Discipline

Good morning. What's at the top of the list for you this year? Better financial practices? Saving? Spending more time with family? Better relationships with those who work with you? What ever it is... Self- discipline is necessary... John Maxwell said in his book The 21 indispensable QUALITIES OF A LEADER... "If you can determine what's REALLY a priority and release yourself from EVERYTHING ELSE, its a lot easier to follow through on WHAT'S IMPORTANT. And that's the essence of self-discipline."

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Those stuck on analysis of paralysis like myself. Action, Action, Action! Action should be the only word releasing from your mouth. You're the director of your life movie. When the film is rolling it's time for ACTION. 2009 + ACTION + KNOWLEDGE = RESULTS! Let go of the excuses, the buts, the I don't knows, all the self-limiting non-sense. I read many of the posts by Cbrpower, Elena, Sistreat, Sully, and many others that are taking action. I realized what they have in common. ATTITUDE & HUNGER! They all have the attitude & hunger to do what others are analyzing to do. Just what dean preaches. Develop it TODAY! Not tomorrow, because tomorrow will always be tomorrow. I went to a recent meeting and they are predicting between 250-300 new millionaires. Are you one of them, I am! Let's make this new year and every year after a prosperous one. We all have a long life to live so make it BIG!

Much success to you all, now get done! Action!



"The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity." — Peter F. Drucker