Do They Exist???

Do They Exist???

I have been trying to contact coaches/mentors for the past two weeks and did not even get a return phone call!! Also, my e-mails go unanswered!!

Do these coaches exist?? Is everyone on vacation?? It's hard to give someone my business/money when they are not around!!




Proverbs 10:22

Possibly on vacation

Hi Dave,
I filled out the form online at the Success School website. A couple of days later someone left me a message. This was a few days before Christmas. Since then I have tried to call back 3-4 times with no answer. They may be off for a while around the holidays. I left a message with the person who called me so now I'll just wait.


re: Mentors/coaches

I agree with Steve , they may have been on vacation, but just hang in there another day or so and someone will contact you.

Happy New Year


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