Mentor - Westchester County NY

Mentor - Westchester County NY

I am eager to kick start my ppty investment here in the US. I am an Australian citizen living in NY and looking to take advantage of the current property market situation. I have a ppty is Australia which I hope to leverage against, however I also know that many lenders do not recognise international ppty. That is my first stumbling block. Even more so is my lack of knowledge of the lcoal market here in NY.
I am looking at investing in New York, particularly in Westchester County. I was hoping to find a mentor who could guide me along the way?

I welcome any and all feedback.


Findin a Mentor

I have just finished reading Dean's new book, and I am currently seeking a mentor in the Long Island area (Suffolk County). I am extremely motivated and eager to start working. Please, can someone advised me of a good mentor in my area? It would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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Dean Success Academy...

You always have the Success Academy where there are some great coaches only a call away. They can guide you throught the whole process.

Best of Wishes!


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