need suggestions to find good deal in the this down market

need suggestions to find good deal in the this down market

I need some help about how to find properties for bird dogging work/assignment/double-closing.

People always say in this down market, it is hard to find deep enough discount to make sense for profit this way because investors want to pay SOOOO low.

I know it is best to buy, hold, positive cash flow and sell later and all that. But right now I need to have some cash capital.

Especially the sources where I am looking for houses at are online mostly. So do you think the only way make it work is to call and find out if the seller is motivated enough? Even I found the property on MLS where anyone else can see? Thanks. Just newbee, need help and direction desperately.


I am new also.

Well from what I am reading and hearing. I think it is best to make some calls and find out. Cause you wont know until you call them and see what they want for it. Some of the houses in our area are old and abandoned but they are sitting on a few acres of land. So even if the housing market is low you can do anything with the land. But, to answer question I would say to find a target area with some decent houses that only need some touch up work then call them up and negotiate a price that will still make you a profit and flip the house.

What should I do next?

I found this ad on back page:

3 Bedrooms/ 2 bathrooms

Estimated Repairs $15,000

Asking $35,000
ARV $120,000 (Realquest)

I am going to call but not sure what to say? Please help I don't want to miss out on a great opportunity!


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