Yes....that's what we all need. How many just dream of being successful in this business?

Yes it's true that you have to dream it, visualize it, see it happen in your mind. All true.

But, there comes a time for action, and so many times in my life I have put off what can be done tomorrow.

WAKE UP !!....This is one time in economic history when you need to get out of the clouds and pick up the paper, the phone, get in the car, and find the deals that will NOT ONLY change your life today, but for the years to come.

When I recently met a successful investor at the REI club, I never expected to hear what he said when I asked him how many properties he had bought over the years.....150. and HOLDING.


He's not resting on his laurels, watching the world go buy...he is incrementally building wealth that he will pass on to his children.

What a motivation to get out and prove to yourself that you too can be a doer. Shoot for the stars...that way if you fall short you will still make it further than most other people ever will.

Success is a simple thing to me.....I consider success anything that can replace my "old job" and maintain the lifestyle that it once gave me. I don't have to be "rich" to be successful, but that wouldn't be too bad. Freedom to choose when and how I wake up or go to bed. Freedom from worrying about the bills. Paying cash for life's necessities.

All of these things should be a motivation to get us OFF the couch and out on the street finding the next deal.....

I was asking myself....."I have 4 deals brewing....should I continue looking for new deals or wait until these are closed?" I answered that real quick....KEEP FINDING DEALS. Don't stop.

I want my dreams to come into reality, and that will ONLY happen through ACTION. I prod my agent for new deals.....I look in the papers. I call sellers. I place ads on craigslist....I am DOING.

If you DO....there's a good chance of getting it DONE.
If you DON'T...there's a good chance that it WON'T

You choose. Choose THIS day....NOT tomorrow. Tomorrow will ALWAYS be there......but TODAY is the realm of ACTION. MAKE IT HAPPEN. Your dreams depend on YOU. Take action and Make your dreams come to life.


BUILD your knowledge is your ARSENAL to wage war against disbelief and the negativity of the status quo. You need your weapons......It's your choice whether you carry them or not.
Build Relationships and open the door to opportunities that could once only be dreamed of......never take those relationships for granted.
Don't let EXCUSES be the nails that keep you INSIDE the box.

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