Weekly Reports from Title Companies

Weekly Reports from Title Companies

Back in SW Oregon, the Title Company would put together different reports and email them out each week to the RE Agents. I know for sure there was one for foreclosures and I believe there was also one for all RE transactions (sales, transfers, etc.) recorded during the week.

Do all title companies do this, and can anyone get on the list, or do you have to be an agent?


Tracey R.



I would LOVE to get that list! Wouldn't THAT be great for comps!
Tracey, did it show sale prices, any other info as far as sq footage, beds/baths? Did it show all in the county, or just transactions that they did at that office?
I'm going to ask my title company next week if we have that.
I wonder if the register of deeds does the same?
I know my appraiser friend has a connection at the courthouse that she uses.

Thanks for the info!



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that would be very helpful...I am going to check into that also


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It is still done

One of my Agents gets the lists WEEKLY from the Title company they use....she shares it with me, but it's ALOT of reading.....every forclosure is on it's own page....and there are alot of pages...LOL


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