Will this work for Canadians like me?

Will this work for Canadians like me?

Hi there,
I have seen and heard Dean's infomercial on TV and was captured by his integrity and honesty. I am one of the guys out there who is sick and tired of being employed and making mediocre salary while I know that a lot of people are making tremendous amount of money in Real Estate. I have a lot of questions that are being answered by Dean's website regarding my current life and I totally want to change it for the better financially. I don't know anything about Real Estate but I believe that through persistence and sheer determination, I can also make it in Real Estate. I guess the biggest question is: "Will this work for a Canadian like me that lives and works in Canada?"

Thanks a lot and God Bless!



I don't see why not. The

I don't see why not. The systems that we're using here to find deals and research properties (foreclosure alert, county courthouses, MLS, etc.) are probably slightly different in Canada, but I'm sure there are similar systems in place up there.

And, the old fashioned methods - driving around, talking to people, joining REI networking clubs - those should work anywhere!

The principles should be the same wherever you live.



Thanks for your reply.

Thanks for your reply, Tracey. But what I am really trying to ask is: Can I buy Deans books and be real true follower and actually invest and buy properties in the US. Seattle is just a few hours drive from Vancouver and thinking of starting there if I could. I have been hooked with Dean and this website and try to read and watch as much as possible. I think I have watched all of Dean's videos and all the other motivational videos and I feel in my guts that I want to do this. I think Dean has talked about people like me who has that 'knot' inside that wants to get out. If I can just talk to him personally. I want him to be my mentor. Or anybody who is willing to teach a nobody.

I want to ask Dean if he has done any deals in Canada?

Thanks again.


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