Questions about steps to successful offer to purchase

Questions about steps to successful offer to purchase

1. When and where is the offer made?
2. Who is involved in the transaction?
3. Which property and what is included in sale?
4. What is to be the amount of the deposit?
5. What is the Purchase Price?
6. How is the price to be paid?
7. Can seller deliver clear title at closing?
8. Can seller attest to quality of the property?
9. When and how is closing to take place?
10. Who pays for what on HUD 1 at closing?
11. Is termite problem an issue if so how to proceed?
12. Are there any special conditions of the sale?
13. Who is responsible for property from acceptance to
14. Buyer can have possession of property when?
15. What happens if buyer and seller do not comply with terms of the agreement as promised.
16. When does the seller have to accept or reject the offer.
17. What general agreements bind both parties?
18. Is the buyer willing to accept the agreements as stated.
19. Does the seller accept the offer?
20. If a commission is to be paid to whom, and how much?
21. Does buyer acknowledge receipt of final signed offer?

This list is typical of most provided by gurus writing today. As a check list it is extremely helpful. (Source How to write a nothing down offer.)


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