Got my book today!!!

Got my book today!!!

I just got dean's book and have been going through it like crazy!!! I want to thank you matt for being honest with me a while back it was worth the wait the info you have in here is amazing I drafted your e mail to put out to realtors in my area and have already looked at homes in my area and as soon as I get my offers out to the few I have been talking to ,,I can get the ball rolling and make some money,,thank you Dean Rita,,and everyone who has answered all of my newbie questions and as soon as I land my first deal you guys will be the first to know now back to work,,,later guys!


Got mine yesterday

I have to agree with you, this is the best nuts and bolts real estate book I have ever read. Its helping me refine what I have already been doing and I know we are going to do a deal this week. Thanks to Dean for this great tool and to Matt who does a great job with giving us great details that we can put to work right away. Since I have started coming to Deans website and purchasing both books which has only been about two weeks ago, I feel like my knowledge about real estate has doubled and I'm on the fast track to becoming a millionaire.

I'm Jealous!!

AHHH, I can't wait to get my book! If you received yours, I should be getting my soon... I'm so excited!

Got my book today too!

The golden opportunity book is finally here!
I can't wait to read it. Hope we all can share the feedback after reading the book.


The book is amazing. Reading Matt's deal on the commercial property was inspiring. The bank offered him $50K to tear up the contract that he has and he countered offered it.


"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”
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Got mine last week

The stories are great. Rina, Matt, Elena, Anita and all the others were very inspiring. Glad I bought it, I read it in one weekend and now I'm ready to start applying Dean's techniques.


Waiting for mine patiently. I hope it comes today. Cant wait to crack that thing open.


I got my mind made up..... (buyers site)

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