Signed up with the Academy!

Signed up with the Academy!

Hello Everyone,

Just signed up with the Academy and I can't go to sleep. My nerves are killing me. I want to ask everyone here to just say a prayer for me. I am bound and determined to make this work. There just is no other option.

Anyway, looking forward to getting to know everyone and I'm sure I will have plenty of questions.



Congrats Jack

It's a nig step and I'm sure you'll find it's worth it. I just joined myself. For me so far it's just given me a lot more confidence. I hope it does the same for you.


Welcome Aboard

Hey there.......I joined as a motivational factor to assure myself that I WILL DO THIS.....I didn't want excuses......and Damn it....I want my Money back....but that takes WORK, and success......and since I fully intend to succeed.......there was NO risk in spending the money. Also.......I get some nice training and a back up as well....COACHING. GOOD MOVE ...use it as a motivation to drive you to put in the ACTION that is necessary to make your DREAMS come TRUE.



BUILD your knowledge is your ARSENAL to wage war against disbelief and the negativity of the status quo. You need your weapons......It's your choice whether you carry them or not.
Build Relationships and open the door to opportunities that could once only be dreamed of......never take those relationships for granted.
Don't let EXCUSES be the nails that keep you INSIDE the box.

Me Too

I just joined and I am clueless. i have so many questions, I am really confused. I can't go to sleep either. I have no choice in failing. I am in the most worst situation possible money wise. Started the RE basics and I think I better take one step at a time. I'm leary at the fact they want you to go out immediatley when I don't know how or what to ask. Are we looking for buyers or sellers or both? Every classified ad are from agents or brokers so how do we find people? Looks like in my neighborhood everything has depreciated and it's getting worse. Since I am overly tired, I will rest and not stress so much. I can't tell if I'm excited or what???
Lost in Murrieta,Sandra


Hi, Sandra

Welcome. My wife and I are seriously considering joining The Success Academy.

Murrieta, CA or Murrieta, GA?

George Z


I have recently read "BE A REAL ESTATE MILLIONAIRE" am am awaiting delivery of "PROFIT FROM REAL ESTATE RIGHT NOW". My wife and I are seriously considering joining DG's coaching program through The Success Academy. Our is a unique market as we are located in one of the top 3 foreclosure areas in the nation whereas nearly every property is a short sale or bank owned (REO). Our values are so distressed that homes are now worth approximately 50 % of what is owed on them. This being the case, our chief concern is how applicable DG"s techniques (assigning contracts, etc.) are to our market. We welcome hearing from anyone who may be in a similar market area. We are looking forward to becoming further involved in and with DG's programs and appreciate your input.