Operation Saving my bacon

Operation Saving my bacon

I ordered the books and cd's yesterday and have been reading the material on this site ever since.

Let me talk about me for a bit because it's cathartic to share my story. I'm not looking for sympathy, I'm looking for strategy.

I have been in construction for 23 years and this year has been the worst I have ever seen. I have been without substantial work for 4 months (winter), My wife left me and the kids (3 of them) in January. I am 3 months behind on the mortgage and the bills are starting to pile up. The foreclosure is not imminent at the moment but the drumbeats are getting closer every day.
I have a Fannie Mae so I may have some wiggle room once I start working again.

I should be in blind panic but for some reason, I'm really not. I feel like things will work out and I hope that being here will be a part of that process.

I'm also a bit of a forum junkie so I doubt I'll be a 3 post wonder...I'm looking forward to the future.



Hey, buddy!

Welcome aboard!

Go to the "Start here" link at the top left of the home page. Surf around for awhile. I think you'll like what you see! When you are ready to take action (Cause you know that nothing will happen until you do), ask questions. Search here and ask others online to help. This community is the BEST online community for REI.

God Bless!


"Be very careful, then, how you live- not as unwise, but as wise, making the most out of every opportunity..." Apostle Paul writing to the church in Ephesus

I've been doing that Andrew,

I've been doing that Andrew, Thank you. Smiling


I thought i would post a good luck for you, Your story is somewhat like mine.




randdee813 wrote:
Your story is somewhat like mine.

really? do tell, I could use the inspiration.

Bob I am with you


I am with you man....just divorced - live with my grandpop at 34 - all my friends are married with kids so I basically sit here at night and go through the courses..I am in the RE academy - good stuff great info....I am a little overwhelmed but everyday gets a little better and the information tends to make more sense......

Get a plan - I stumbled for a month trying to figure out where to start but sit down and write out your goals and how you want to get there than focus on the strategies that fit your market - not necessarily the national trends but your specific market...reach out to some realtors and even other contractors you know - they may be your end users when you get deals....

I love the video posts dean puts up - there are awesome..I watch them everyday to keep my motivation up

good luck



Thanks John.

I have the basis of a plan, vapor really at this point. I am waiting on the books before I write it down.

I have checked out a pretty large REI group here in CT and will join that asap.