4 Simple Steps to Find Time to Get Real Estate Moving

4 Simple Steps to Find Time to Get Real Estate Moving

For many investors as they begun investing one of the largest battles they had to partake in was the battle to find more time.

People have been trying to find a way to include more than 24 hours in the day. Unfortunately, the laws of nature keep us on a schedule of 24 hours within the day.

Here are four steps you may find to create more time without changing your lifestyle:

1) Prioritize. Prioritizing means creating a list of important "to do's" down to less important "to do's". Often less important items are accomplished within the day because the fear of doing an item more important is easily forgotten...for now. We may choose to get our hair done instead of calling the motivated seller that was a reference from a friend. The hair will always be there but the motivated seller may sell soon.

2) Conglomerate. Conglomerate the stops you will be making. Many times we may want to spread out the houses we are viewing. One house could be on one side of town and another house on the other side of town. This is very ineffective and uses a lot of time. Though several houses may have been seen and we may feel we accomplished a lot the time was used ineffectively. Schedule all your viewings near each other. If you know you are going to be on the opposite side of town plan activities near there even if it is groceries to utilize more time.

3) Delegate. Delegate the chores that you have for yourself. Many times pride gets in the way of moving quickly and smoothly towards our goals. We are not experts at everything - so why try to be? Find someone that can compliment your traits and ask for help. This concept took me years to understand. It was not until recently that I asked for help. I was looking to create new marketing to bring in buyers. I did not have the time and knew that marketing is my weakness. I hired a person to create and manage my marketing. Their pay was based on my success. I pay them 5% of the profit I make on any deals created from their marketing for me. I am now getting the marketing out and saving myself hours a week.

4) Let go of the remote. Many times as humans we forget how much we have done at anything. When people get into a successful diet they have to keep track of their calories or they fail because very few people know exactly how much they have eaten. Just like diets we need to do the same in our lives. I would give you a challenge to grab a notepad. Starting on a Monday or Sunday then ending one week later keep track of every time the television is on. A couple of things will happen (1) You may watch less TV (2) You may surprise yourself how much TV is watched.
TV may not apply to everyone but many of us have other time waisters. Keep track of them and you may realize that you could have more time if we cut out the time waisters.


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