How did you pick out your business name?

How did you pick out your business name?

I been busy all week with work so my plan this weekend is to pick out a business name. I should say that my wife and I are doing this REI thing togheter. Do you even need a business name if you plan on starting out as a "sole proprietor"? I guess we could just do business under our legal names and when we decided to go "LLC" or whatever else , then maybe come up with a business name. We plan on starting out with "assignment of contracts" just to get our feet wet. We want to get some business cards printed but just not sure what name is going on it. Is it a bad idea to just use our names on our first business cards? What websites are out there to help you pick out a creative business name. Thanks!




*my name

I do business as JarLe Investments. Which is a combo of my kids names, Jared and Leann. Bv you can start out using just your own names.


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I've been wondering the same

I've been wondering the same thing, I just got my book a week ago and have read it cover to cover. Now I'm in the process of downloading documents and am preparing letters to fax to realtors and mortgage brokers.
I've been stumped as to what do I put on business cards. Also is it critical to get a LLC. in the beginning?
Any help would be appreciated, how did you get started?


Anita , how did YOU start?

Anita don't you have a success video on this website? You look familiar. I think you are a sucessful investor, right? Did you start of as a sole proprietor?




Business Name

We have really been struggling to come up with a business name! The state of California accepted, and then later rejected our chosen names twice!! We are on our third name! We just ended up going with our last name since we have had so much trouble. I guess we weren't creative enough!! Sticking out tongue The worst part is that we were told with the first two names that they were accepted, so we ordered business cards and placed TONS of ads with those names. Oh well, I guess it isn't really a big deal. Once we were given our EIN (we registered S-Corp), it is ours, whatever our business name!


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Business name

My company is called 3 Treats Investments. There are 3 of us. My husband, my son and myself.
We also have a music publishing company called 3 Treats Publishing and a store called 3 Treats Store.
So when I opened a busines account at the bank I opened as 3 Treats. That way I can write a check for any 3 of the businesses.
I will eventually seperate them into seperate business accounts.




Who am i

Anita it is good to see you are still around!When i pick a business name
or if i am just picking my E-MAIL name,I do find it hard finding a name
that will stick out. See my business is special,Atlease in my mind.Marketing
does not mean anything if you do not have the goods. Nothing wrong with
a name you can remember(ALTHOUGH)People generally remember what you can
do for them! My point is keep it simple focus on your service.

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I used my lastname!

I just took my lastname which is Allison and made my business name ALCO Properties LLC!! I know a lot of people that have done that. They take the first 2 or 3 letters of their lastname and add CO behind it!! Just a thought!


Try not to use...

your real name like Smith or Jack. When we ALL become big time investors you don't want your tenants checking out your personal info. and then suing you. Make it as difficult as possible for them. I like the idea of using a couple letters from your name and combining them with something else. Like Anita's Jarle or ALCO. If I was a tenant, I would have no clue that those company names belonged to my landlord. At least that's what my tax person said.

business name

My business name is Tylad Properties, LLC. I combined my two childrens names, Tyler and Adam, since they are the reason I got into investing in real estate so that I might be able to send them to college as well as leave them a fortune one day! My company logo is "Helping You Live Better". I have several rental properties and I truly believe that just because you rent and not own your home, you still deserve to live in nice houseing. I have seen rental properties that the landlords could care less. My rental properties are updated and very clean before I let tenants move in. This has resulted in me getting great tenants that want to take care of your property and they want to rent from me longer because I care about them.

thanks for sharing your names

I really like ALCO and that spells my wife's first and last name , how funny!
So a few hours ago we sat to come up with some business names and the following are our top choices. I know I am taking a risk by postion them up but i doubt you guys will steal our So here they are:

A&M Properties
AMD Properties
ADM Properties
MAD Properties
Alonzo Properties
Sky Investments
Storm Investments

Most of these are my son's,wife's and my first initial. Which do you guys like?




The_ Great _Martini

Hi, I really like that you and your wife have made a list, may I suggest that MAD Properties and Storm Investments, might not be the way to go! Eye-wink

My favorite one is Sky Investments - full of promise and good Karma! Smiling


I think I like A&M and AMD!!

I think I like A&M and AMD!!

Name Choice

I agree with Angela - I like Sky Investments.
I went round and round deciding on mine too. The day before I was to file my LLC I was still stumped. I went for a walk on the beach and I said to myself I really need a sign. Well, I looked down at that moment and there in the sand was a dead, but beautiful, perfect seahorse! On a New Jersey beach- unheard of! So my business is Seahorse Property Management LLC - and that little guy is mounted in a frame above my desk!

Sky Properties...

I like that too! Sounds like the sky is the limit! Smiling
We were asked to pick 3 names when we got our LLC & they checked to see which one was available. We ended up with DDI Properties LLC (Dawn & Dean Investment Properties LLC).



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