The Power Of Taking Action! An Email I Just Received

The Power Of Taking Action! An Email I Just Received

There are 2 kinds of people. The first type is the type that gets directions on how to get from point A to point B from someone who has already made the journey. This person then immediately starts to figure out if there is a different or better route or wants to argue that the route won't work. Those are the people I just walk away from scratching my head. The second type do EXACTLY everything they are told without hesitation. I really love those people. I am one of them. Dean told me one time "Matt the greatest thing about you is the fact that you just do EXACTLY as you are taught." Here is an email I received from 2 young men that I met with on Tuesday. They did EXACTLY everything I told them to do. These 2 guys are 23 years old. Enjoy!


I am in shock right now about the value of taking action. You are the best success story I could ever have read about and been so grateful to meet.

Since Monday Kiel and I have placed 11 handwritten signs, my father has called “For Rent” signs on Craigslist and found a $125K Duplex buyer, Kiel and I called a few FSBO’s and found a retired couple needing to sell their house in order to move to Florida ( we checked out their house this afternoon beautiful home but not really that motivated), and I have typed up your fax sheet for finding a Realtor and am revising it for myself.

But most importantly I E-mailed an ad on craigslist titled “Looking to buy business - $1000000”. I inquired if he were interested in purchasing Real Estate providing 55% ROI I talked to him on the phone for 20 minutes on Thursday night, got an Email to meet this morning at 7:45 at a Starbucks. Kiel, John and Myself talked for 2 hours about Wholesaling, Real Estate, Commercial, and general business ideas in addition to who we are and where we have been. I received this E-mail about our meeting later in the day copied below.

Kiel and I found an Equity Partner to support us in our wholesaling operation on the MLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so pumped right now!! We have the ball now and are running with it!!!

My first goal to have achieved by either the last week of May or First week of June when my wife will take a Leave of absence from work is to have enough cash in our account to allow her to have the choice to continue to work if she wants to. In a nutshell I want to replace her income from work for at least 3 months which would be an amount of $5,040 before taxes. This is a goal I will achieve.

Matt I want to say thank you again for your encouragement and support you are a great of example on the value of action. We will be in touch and there will be a success video!

James “Jake”

Real Estate Investor


You've got to find your obstacles and call them out! Unsheath the sword, and do battle with whatever it is that holds you back!


You are absolutly right about most of us on here.We are not following the full directions of the 25/1 system.I have about 11 formal offers out know and have 15 more going out this week and plan to keep it going at this rate.It took me awhile, But I realize know to just do what we're told and get it done.
Thanks again.


Jason S.
San Diego, CA.
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another good post

you always come with he inspiring....good job mentor matt


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