Saving/Leveraging Money When Rehabbing

Saving/Leveraging Money When Rehabbing

I think you will agree that the way the money is managed on a fixer-upper can make or break the deal. Consider these suggestions for saving or leveraging your money.
1.Use 0% interest credit cards to pay for materials. Pay the balance off on resale before the default interest rate kicks in.
2.Buy supplies at Home Depot when they offer 3,6,12 months interest free financing. Usually you have to spend $299.00 to qualify (which is easy on a fixer upper).
3.Find handymen or contractors who want to establish a long-term relationship with you and are open to getting paid when you flip the property. Most will not be able to do this because money is tight, but if you never ask you never get!
4.Save money by buying overstocks and seconds on moulding, appliances, floor coverings etc.
Just a few common sense suggestions to keep you and your budget on track.


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Saving/leveraging money when rehabbing

These are great condensed little nuggets of wisdom!



Failure to plan is planning to fail.....

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