Referral agent, what should I do?

Referral agent, what should I do?

Hi all,

I am a referral agent, and have a real estate license.

When I am assigning or using IEE, do I have to give some of my profits to my real estate company?

Would it matter if it were on the MLS, or not, or a FSBO?

Please advise.

Thanks you all


my deal

For me, there is no split for my broker if the deal does not go through the agency. So any FSBO's or properties that are not on MLS would not require a share with the broker. For any listed property, I would think the broker would get a cut. You probably could refer yourself to an agent, write the offer in your name, then assign the contract to another buyer, and collect the wholesale fee plus the referal fee. Better talk to your broker first before attempting this.




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Ok great

I'll check with my agency and see what they say.

Thank you for the feedback.