House with pet odor

House with pet odor

Yesterday I went with an agent to view a house and when we entered there was a very strong cat urine odor. The home was in very good condition other than the odor. I seems like the cat may have sprayed all over the house. Has anyone ever dealt with a company that removes the odor or is it even possible to remove it?


Try servicemaster if there's

Try servicemaster if there's one in your area.
If not, locate a comapny that does fire damage work, if they can get rid of smoke damage then kitty stink should be no problem.


Urine is an extremely difficult odor to get rid of. In some cases it can be the smell of a good deal - because it will scare most people away. But be warned to reinspect the property and take a peek under carpets and along edges. The house I live in now smelled when I bought it - but since the people had 3 litter boxes and unknown # of cats I figured a good carpet cleaning and airing out would do it. But once carpets got cleaned, it pulled up all the urine that had soaked below and stains appeared and the amonia smell was choking. What a shock! Had to rip it all out - ENTIRE HOUSE -including the majority of the subflooring - which was spongy with it! I know, I know, everyone is saying HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW - and to this day its a mystery. I'm an animal lover and have always had pets,too! I do remember them having all windows open and candles burning during my walk throughs (it was springtime). My home inspector said he has actually seen people spray paint or powder carpets to hide stains. So making a short story very long here - check it out CLOSELY

Highly recomend

If you are in the Seattle, Wa area I have a really good recommendation for you for house and upholstery cleaning services including animal odor.

On to the next!

Thank you for sharing your story. I've decided....NEXT! I'm not going to go through ripping up floor board. The smell was choking. The agent was well you just get a service and they'll remove it. I think I know now why the price was so low.
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