Should I Pay 500 to Bird Dog???

Should I Pay 500 to Bird Dog???

Should I Pay 500 to Bird Dog?????????
Hi everyone! I am very new to RE, still reading the BARM book. Like many others with no money and bad credit I would have to start off by finding deals and getting paid for it. Very anxious to make $ and get started.

Need advice because I am so tired from researching this on my own (2 days of it) & am broke & desperate to start.
I am being offered to PAY a company that claims to have over 10,000 investors (buyers). I pay them $500. in order to gain access to their network of Buyers & there system. They offer training and materials, access to REO's Etc. I then go out look at houses, generate leads, find deals, I talk to the sellers, sign an assignment contract with the seller, I receive an assignment fee if the deal goes through (sells), or I can participate in a joint venture to get the home ready for resale and make 25-50% of the net profits. Has anyone used a service like this & actually made money? It is "Find it and fund it". I have been told I could make a good chunk of money fast, like 14 days, sounds exciting, hmmm, (to good to be true???.) I was thinking of using this to expand my abilities, but don't want to be the victim of a scam, or get involved in signing a legal document with a seller with my huge lack of knowledge. BUT being so desperate to get started I am 1 pen stroke away from jumping in.
Any advice !!!!!!!!



I would NOT do it!!! You

I would NOT do it!!! You can easily develop your own list, and they just sound like a scam to me. You want buyers who are interested in your area, and you'll want to talk with them to see what size homes they're interested in, what neighborhoods, etc.

Remember - YOU'RE the one who is supposed to be getting paid, LOL! It may be a legit service, but it's probably going to fall short of the expectations they're giving you. If you know of 2 or 3 people using it, and have interactions with them outside that company, and they've made the money using it, then that may be a different story.

However, I would really recommend you put your money somewhere else! In fact, my recommendation would be to get started with Dean's mentoring program. There's enough people who have ACTUALLY done it, and made money with it, that I would say it's reliable.

hang in there! The learning curve is kind of steep, but it's worth it!


Many Thanks!

Hi Tracey, Thanks so much for your advice!! That is exactly what I want to make sure of is "getting paid" Smiling and if there is one thing I have learned from being on this site as well as reading Deans book is "to do my homework, and learn from the mistakes others have made".

They would appear to be legit because they have a BBB rating, but, to me, that doesn't mean they are great and I would be safe to jump in! In some of my research I think I found that companies pay for membership to BBB. So If a company pay's them for one they are said to be OK unless someone posts a complaint etc.
One thing that made me put my pen down and post my concern here was the fact that I can't talk to someone that is "using it".. you can't talk to anyone in there "success stories" area..

We (hubby & I) are chomping at the bit to join the mentoring program!! We just need to make one good deal or something to get the money to do so.
So the little bit of money we do have, we are holding on to like it is Gold.

So, Thanks again for your help! We are having a blast learning and hope it won't be too steep a climb LOL.




You can create your own buyers list be simply placing a few blind ads on sites like craigslist, backpage, even by setting up a site on facebook and myspace.

DO NOT pay someone else for something you can get yourself, but as a side a note, 2 days of research is not really saying alot. This is not a a get quick scheme its a way of generating income and making yourself and those around you a better life. So the long and short of it is, if you don't or are not prepared to do the work then don't look for the maximum return. No offense intended.

I think joining the mentoring program would be a great idea and the money you invest is well worth it. If I can be of any help please let me know.


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500 hundred dollars

That fee is sticking out in my mind,Once you get the list...What is stopping
you from doing what ever deal you want to meaning sell it to who ever you
want to.My six sense says (scam)!
Tracey and Anita are both right!


Save your $500 Regina!!!!

I absolutely WOULD NOT pay $500 to be a part of anyone's birddoging program. You might want to try making your own flyers and distributing them @ your local supermarket, Starbucks, etc. I believe you'll have a better shot @ finding buyers. Furthermore, to add to Anita's prev. post, try calling these numbers found on ads saying "WE BUY HOUSES" although not plentiful as they once was, they still can be found if you're persistent.

Regina Santos

I wouldn't pay that fee either!

No money and bad credit you say ... don't pay for something you can do yourself or for advice you can get here for free! Smiling (from people who would love to see you succeed)

If you DO have money to invest in your RE future, I would think that the mentoring program here would be the way to go. If you really do not have the funds for that right now. Make it one of your first RE goals, after you make some money birddogging!

Listen to Anita and if you haven't done so already read her Forum Topic on this subject.

Aren't you glad you found this web site? Smiling


Don't Do It

Regina, my first 2 deals i bird dogged for someone in my REI club. It is simple. If it looks to good to be true, it probably is. I picked up $1,000.00 in less than 2 months merely finding props for someone who had the money to flip. I didn't, he did. Keep your money and use it to find your own deals, and I am not a newbe to this site. It is good you asked for advise. There is no site better than this one, good luck.....Jan

Scam or Not??? That is the question

Actually Regina we (my husband and I) purchased the program and it happens to be a very good program believe it or not we have made some pretty good money from it. I'm not on here scouting for them by far but can speak from expierence. We also have our own Investors but have used them to move our props quickly. With that being said the good part about it is that when the Investor contacts you to get more info on your home you get all of their info and NOW they are another investor to add to your list, and the 495 fee you pay is for a lifetime not just for a yr. also you get access to the aqcquistion manager that helps you. But with any program you should always do your due diligence and I being the skeptic that I am I checked the BBB front and back and they are not just member they are actually registered with the BBB but they are a very useful resourse and 1 deal pays for the $ you spent. even if only use them once its still a good place to build your buyers list even if noone buys your property (lord forbid) you still get investors calling you.

Hope this helps and gives you a different view at then just negative... Good Starting Place. Smiling

Prepared :-)

Hi Anita!
No offense taken at all. That is why we are here, to learn!
We are not looking for a "get rich quick scheme". To me there is no such thing or everyone would be rich. We are desperate but not foolish LOL.
We are prepared to do all the work it will take to 1. do it right, 2. get maximum return to better our lives and be able to help others once we learn. We are determined to work hard & positive we can do it once we have the know how on the "where to start"
We are looking into the mentoring program, and to our surprise it is much more reachable than we we are holding onto our little 500 to make sure we spend it wisely.

Thanks to everyone that has advised us to
"just call and find out more about it"!!

Well, like I mentioned, we are here to learn from people with experience!
Your guidance and input is is very much appreciated!
Many thanks
Regina & Dave Smiling



Super Glad!!!

Hi Angela,
Yes we are super glad we found this website!!! We felt so in the dark before. Now we feel "hugged" and the people here really do want to help everyone that is will to do the work succeed! You just made a light bulb go off for us as we have been tossing around what our first goal in our RE venture could be Smiling

Funny you suggested the above read! We just saw it the other day and started to read it!!AWESOME!
Well we are 1/2 way through BARM and are ordering the new book!

Thanks a Bunch!
Regina and Dave



In case we missed anyone

We can not thank everyone enough for all the insight! It all has given us more confidence and courage to "JUST DO IT"

We have done several work from home things in the past so we have experience in how those can and can't work. What we don't have is a much real estate experience. But we do know it has been our dream and we know it can and will work if we work smart.

Everyone needs to work smart, especially in today's economy! And thanks to the fact that by reading DG books and all the people here we can learn by and from the mistakes that others have already made and the experience they gained from them.

We look forward to any advise we can get! We will keep everyone posted on our success! In the future, we look forward to be able to help others as you are helping us!

There is light at the end of the tunnel Smiling



Try this

Thanks Angela! I did not know about the " site Very good audios there!



Scam or not?

Many thanks! It is great to get some insight from someone that has experienced actually using system. We (hubby & I) are super new to RE, in fact I wouldn't know what to say (YET) to a investor, agent or buyer if I met one LOL.
Last thing we need right now other than a lot of guidance, is more debt. That was why we looked into find it fund it, we can spend the 500. we just can't afford to loose it on a scam so we were hoping to meet someone that actually used it! We thank you for that.

Once again Many many thanks for the insight to assist us in our decision making process !!



Hi Randy

Good point Randy!

For me, the answer would be I don't have a buyers list yet nor the finances to purchase it myself, if I did I would not be looking into bird-dogging through a company that claims to have huge buyers list. So for me, IF I was to pay 500 to get the system just to get the list I think I would be a fool when there are plenty of websites that have free trials to access lists of property. As well as the tools on the DG site to teach me how to go about it on my own for FREE.

Having no experience in REI, I was looking for another way to learn the ropes while making money.

It was my Six sense that made my flag go up too which is what brought me to post this.

I really appreciate your advise!

many thanks Regina



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