$8210 - worth it?

$8210 - worth it?

Hi all,

I am new to the process. Have been contacted by Dean's team and they are offereing one-on-one coaching, mentoring and "hand-holding" to me for one year. I just need to promise 5-10 hours/week and have to pay $8210 for the chance to do this.

Has anyone else done this and is it totally worth the time and money?

Thanks, a little skittish.


The Great Martini

So exactly how has the coaching team helped or hsve they helped? What type of success have you had to feel good about the coaching and the putting out your money? Just curious...


I got my mind made up.....

www.jussinvestors.com (buyers site)


Hendrick,You have the opportunity to change your life! You have to decide
if that is your window,Still...The price is never set.

P.S. Good Luck.

Local investor groups

You might want to try and find an investor group in your area. Many times these a wonderfulsource to find mentors who are knowlegdeable about your area.
Also try advertising that you are looking for a mentor.

Third party

Respect is the cure in any situation!You can take all of the info,You can
get your hands on...Bottom line...You make it happen! Now if i signed up
for a mentoring program...Take advantage of what you bought,Just like
the deals you want to make...Use that mentoring program to the best of
your ability...If you call them with questions,You already know the answer
to! Then they might seem like they do not care...They really do! It could
be a point of progress on your part!
I am not trying to sugar-coat it...Go get that deal!

JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!


Have you guys tried joining in on the tele-classes? And you're using the coaching curriculum to your full advantage? And the chat line, and the advisory line? I paid and I would do it again. I did get my money refunded after the first five deals in exchange for success story (like they guaranteed), but even if I hadn't I would have felt it was worth it. I know what you're saying about not being able to talk to the same person each time, but I have to say the good majority of tha advisors I talked to were EXTREMELY helpful. I think that each has their own expertise, but they can refer to each other as well. If you aren't satisified with the answer from one, do a little more research and call back and ask the next person your question. I think a lot of times it has to do with your determination, as well. Smiling
And the teleclasses on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays are great. You get to be on the line with the instructor and other students. Learn and ask questions. And you can listen to the training videos as many times as you want. Then you can come here, too, which is another invaluable source.

Is the coaching program perfect, maybe not (what is?). Is it worth the money? I guess each one has their own answer, but for me, absolutely. Just my opinion. Smiling

Wishing for you all the best!



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