In Dean's lastest book "Profit From Real Estate Right Now" he suggests in Part 1 to go on a "news diet". After reading half way through the book I decided to try this diet.

Whenever anyone started to discuss the news I would state "I am on a news diet." Most times they would conversation after my statement so I would repeat it (sometimes I repeatedit a third time). People would ask what it was. My reply was " I am not watching, listening to or reading any news for two weeks." When asked why I simply replied it is an assignment. The conversation would change usually at this point.

After three weeks of being on this diet I was at my daughters and she had the morning local news on. I was astonished that I never realized how negative the news actually is. Another thing I never realized was how much news I actually took in. Morning local news, Good Morning America, news on the radio or talk radio on my commute to work, the newspaper, then the local evening news and the national evening news not to mention talk shows, newsletters or news conversations. I extimate that I was taking in on average 4 - 5 hours of news per day through listening and reading.

It's no wonder people become so negative with all the negative news. Maybe 5% was positive news out of the day.

All newbies if you have not taken the step of a news diet I suggest you give it a try. The time I would take to ingest the news I have been ingesting and digesting informatiom about real estate.
My plan now is to be on a maintence news diet - I will be very selective of the amount and type of news I ingest from now on.

Healthier and Happier being on a news diet,