Real Estate Notes for Cash

Real Estate Notes for Cash

I hope its ok to post this, if not, its ok to remove it. When I was researching different informercials to become involved with when I chose to go with Dean, the other one that I almost did was winning in the cash flow business with Russ Dalbey. Has anyone else tried this one, or tried doing this program with anyone else or on their own? It seems easy, but my research found that it was not what it says it is on TV. The other day I saw a list of people who buy those notes on here, Dean's site. So, I'm wondering if there are people who are doing a real estate deal where they are selling cash notes to buyers, and how its working for them. I remember being involved with Carlton Sheets several years ago, and one of his techniques involved holding those kinds of notes. Now, there is a whole program about buying and selling those notes for big profits.
Any thoughts or experience anyone has on this would be appreciated! Thanks




I don't comment on other programs.

I can say I have personally reviewed just about every real estate related program/strategy, and if there were strategies that the team felt had a high chance of success we would create a method to educate our clients. We are always trying to come up with ways to for clients to expand their tool box. Not to say only the strategies we offer can be profitable, but our goal is to put together very realistic strategies that can employed with high success rates. If we aren't talking about a strategy that is floating around out there, there is a reason.

If you want feedback on specific programs, you can Google those programs and get plenty of feedback.

As far as notes - my opinion is it is like gold panning. You might get lucky and find a nugget right away, or you might a huge amount of time and never get one. Even if you think you can find them, with banks trying to get rid of so much paper I think the paper markets are not suited to sellers (or brokers). I wouldn't tell someone who was already making money in actual real estate not to think about broadening their horizons by keeping an eye out for notes, but I would tell anyone who was contemplating notes vs real estate property that it is a no brainer. How many sites have you seen like this with people moving and shaking selling private notes?