Action/Whatever else

Action/Whatever else

DG talked about staying away of negative aspects in our lives example...T.V.,being lazy,and etc. that would keep us from our dreams as REI. I believe this forum, that i truly love!Might be not the best place to spend all of my time. I have learned more than i can say, Off of this forum!
Anytime you make a deal, Or i make a deal...We do it together...That is in the way we RUN!
Sometimes you have to leave home and make your own way!
If i stay here every chance i get...I just made my, Get that deal chance's,Lesser?
Thank-you DG family...WE RUN TOGETHER!!!

It is OK to reply on this topic.

"Your actions always count"
P.S.For what is my strength; If it ends up being my weakness



You have to manage your time. I periodically check throughout the day, but I'm not sitting on this site for hours at a time. I think it's a good site to keep you motivated and get fresh ideas. I don't think it was meant as a way to avoid taking ACTION.


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