Making an offer

Making an offer

Hi everyone my name is chad I just got back from the E.D.G.E. event and I'm ready to start making offers. I wanted to know if there is a way to make an offer on a house without a realtor? And if so, how?


Hi Chad...

Are you talking MLS listed?

You can make offers directly through the listing agent, you don't have to have your own realtor...seller pays his/her commission so the agent will be acting in the interest of the seller, not you. You can also use a real estate attorney. Hope this helps you out.



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Making offers

Great "Q" chad! Dawn what about REO's? I can just go thru the Broker and not to say, A great opportunity to find that team player/'s.
Chad we help each other/ I am not stepping on your post,If i am...Please say so.


Making an offer

Yes I am talking MLS. Thank you for your fast replies, I am going to go through the listing agent like Dawn mentioned. Thanks again Dawn and Randy.

Making An Offer with ???

Hi everyone,
Yes good question chad, i think for me my problem is beign afraid to MESS up.

Here is what i have got from a potential seller. They do have a realtor. these were the ?'s i asked.

I think i may know which startegy to use but like i said "scared" to approach the deal-(chicken) i guess.Sad

1. are you dealing with a realtor?

2. How long has your home been for sale? are there any outstanding mortgages? if so , how much is outstanding?

3. how did you arrive at your asking price?

4. Are you flexible?

5. Are you open to Creative Financing?

6. Have you located a new property to move into?

7. and finally if I bring you an ALL-CASH offer what is the lowest price you would be willing to Accept?

Would you offer your home on a "lease Option" if so how much would you require as s " Down Payment."

these were her responses:

1. Yes - his name is Ben Townsend
2. About a week and a half - I owe about $68K on the mortage
3. I paid about the same amount for it less than a year ago - I have to move due to personal reasons beyond my control.
4. If flexible about the amount - I already went down from the price I payed. So not too flexible.
5. I need more details on what you mean by Creative Financing before I can answer that.
6. No, I'll do that when I get there - first I want to sell or rent ot rent to own.
7. All Cash - I would go for somewhere around the $135K - but I need to know is legal, not sure how you can do that.

YEs Lease is an option - I can be flexible about the downpayment.

So i would say i should maybe approach this as a "LEASE OPTION TO PURCHASE"
But i would like THE DG's Inputs.

Thanks in advance