I'll Pay YOU A % To Find Me A Buyer!

I'll Pay YOU A % To Find Me A Buyer!

I am willing to pay any of you at least 1% of the total sales price when you find me a buyer. A lot of you have great marketing skills, and I would appreciate the networking to get my property sold asap.
This is a large property, and my asking price is $475,000. So you all can figure if I get my asking price or close to it, a 1% will get you $4750.00 in your pocket just for sending out some emails, posting a few ads (which I will provide for you) and telling some people. It is your choice however you want to market it.
I just need to get it sold, and I'm hoping to find some great friends/business partners on this site that will be willing to make some money with me. I will also have other properties that will need marketing.
If you are interested email me at ljkinvestments@**** and I will send you the details and pictures.
Thank You so much for your time.


where is the property?

What state is the property in. Give us a bit more description so we can help more




Do you have any other details you can share on the numbers etc for this property? Thanks and Believe and Achieve!Smiling


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Paying %

Pls email me at the email I listed in my post and I can send you info. and pictures from there.

Thank You

finding you buyers

I'd be more than happy to list your property around on the internet for buyers. It's sounds like a great way for me to get up and started in my own real estate investing career. My email address is bryantempest@msn.com . You can send me all the info that I'll ned in order to help you out with that property.