4 questions from a BRANDNEWBIAN

4 questions from a BRANDNEWBIAN

4 questions from a BRANDNEWBIAN

Hello everyone. This is my first post here. Just read PFRERN and started my gameplan. Forgive me for my inquisitiveness but Im so interested in making this happen for real, so these are my questions:

1) In an IEE or assignment how do you pay for the rehab of the property if it really needs it?

2) If you could start over again in REI would you try to make the first deal without the marketing infrasructure(cards, vmail, etc.) or would you definately set yourself up for the long haul first? I have no finances and to set up my system the way that I would like to is going to take me both selling some possessions and borrowing from family/friends. Leading to my next question.

3) Are there lenders that would trust me enough to give me startup money to get this ball rolling? I figure $1,000 would be plenty to start the way I would like to.

4) Should I mention to Buyers, sellers, real estate agents or mortgage brokers that this would be my first deal? Or should i just save that info unless they ask me? Do people care?

Thank you to everyone who contributes to this oasis of encouragement and support.


"We are what we believe we are.....
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