Hello All! Assignment Question regarding Massachusetts Laws.

Hello All! Assignment Question regarding Massachusetts Laws.

I live in Massachusetts and I have been working as a Rental Agent trainee.

The Real Estate Agent that is my supervisor has been telling me that I cannot do anything with Real Estate without a license. This is after I told her that I would be acting on my own behalf and not in the companies behalf.

I have looked on some websites and have found that she was wrong on some points and right on a one so far.

It seems that in Massachusetts you can Assign a property only if you use a Real Estate agent. Read the article at http://www.articlesbase.com/real-estate-articles/selling-real-estate-wit....

At the time I am typing this message I have only gotten to read One Website. But I ABSOLUTELY NEED TO KNOW IF THIS IS LEGIT. Any feedback is welcome.



Don't take his work for it...

Find the exact laws pertaining to it for yourself to be sure. Most of the time it is realtors who want the business that make people feel they can't be involved with real estate without them. Don't get me wrong, I don't know either - I haven't seen the laws for MA.

However, in regards to that article - I have also read the standpoint without earnest money you don't have any equitable interest (as they put it). I have read others who had fuzzy laws requiring a realtors license simply doing double closings so they become a private owner of the house for a matter of minutes, but making them the private owner. Others have said they are optioning a contract, not brokering real estate, so it is not the same thing.

Bottom line, research it yourself. Do not take the Internet's word at it when it comes to laws - including mine, so find out for yourself by consulting a qualified individual or reading the laws yourself if they are clear cut. I have ready many concerns due to laws that seem mainly focused on giving realtors a monopoly, but I don't recall seeing any proof that such laws exist in the way they were presented. Not to say they don't exist anywhere - but I haven't seen them yet.

Also, working with a realtor isn't a bad thing, a realtor can be helpful part of your team - and if the article is accurate all you need to do is have a realtor involved.

Research it yourself and let us know what you find. My suspicious side tends to think this type of stuff is written by realtor association somewhere to drum up business - so I am interested either way!

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