Proper way of reading Dean's Book -- at least for me

Proper way of reading Dean's Book -- at least for me

I figured I will post this in order to help all the new members that just got the book and are trying to figure out the best way of reading it.
I will tell you what helped me.
I have read the book three times. The first time I have read everything and in 2 days (and I am not much of a reader). But being impatient that I am, I wanted to get to the end as fast as I could, so I didn't take any notes, just get a grasp of where Dean was going and how his strategies were different from everyone else.
The second time, I started making notes after every chapter of what needs to be done. Then, I set the book aside and reviewed everything that I have written.
The third time, I was stopping after every chapter and looked at my notes, let it sink in and make a plan of what and how to do what I need to accomplish.

On the downside, yes, it will take a little longer to go from reading to action. On the upside, when you are ready to move -- YOU ARE READY!!! You will have the book in your head and you will have notes and you will have a plan, that is the most important thing... MUST HAVE THE PLAN!!!

Hopefully it helps. As usual, if anyone has any questions, feel free to PM me.




Yuri, great plan

This is a great plan on how to approach Dean's book. There is so much great information, it takes some planning to decide how to apply the knowledge and what ideas may work out the best for you and your market. I have compared the information in the book to drinking out of a fire hydrant. There is so much coming at you, try to grasp as much as you can and go back to reread the book often for the tidbits you may have missed or will better understand through the knowledge you acquire each day forward. Good luck on all your deals! Believe and Achieve! Smiling Indiana-Joe


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Dean's book

Hi Yuri,

I did the same thing. I call it information overload. I felt like it was Christmas in May.......We know what happens on Christmas day. You open up all the gifts at one time because you are so excited. But then you realize there are many parts you missed. So I have learned also to write down reference pages on my notes. Trying to stay focus on what it is I'm looking to achieve in a strategy. Thanks again for the advise. Continued success.......Lubertha



Great Plan

Iam on my second book - I bought the two book pack. After I finish this one I am going to go back to the first and use your step 2 & 3 method.

Thanks for the tip,

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