How's Dean books can change you life with more than just real estate!

How's Dean books can change you life with more than just real estate!

Hello DG Members,

It was 5:30 AM and I got up to get ready for the long 2 hour commute to work this morning. Then I put on my clothes and noticed they were starting to look a little big. Can it be true, I am losing some weight? I got on the scale and believe it or not I lost another 5 pounds. Since I got Dean's book, "Profit From Real Estate Right Now", I have made 4 deals but also lost 15 pounds! I was so excited over the books and the information that I wanted to take action, I had to take action, and this was always on my mind.

In the past I would have stress in my life from the daily grind of the day job, the commute, and just when you thought you were getting ahead there were more bills in your mailbox. The worst is the unexpected bill such as the cost for a new car battery. I can not complain because my car with the 100,000+ miles still runs like a champ.

Some may exercise or listen to music to relieve stress. I would relieve stress by eating a great meal like a deep dish pizza. The hardest decision when you work in Downtown Chicago is not what to have for lunch but where you want to eat. I believe Chicago has the best pizzas anywhere (sorry to those of you from other areas of the country that believe your pizza is better). When I am out of town, after landing at O'hare Airport the first place I call is the pizzeria so we can have dinner ready on the way home. Smiling

After reading Dean's book, it has given me a new inspiration and a direction to make a plan with our real estate investing. It may sound funny but rather than thinking about what to have for dinner....a double sheeseburger and fries.......deep dish Pizza, I am thinking about single family homes, duplexes and apartment buildings! Smiling

Thus, my new stress relief is real estate and I am losing weight as a bonus. I just wanted to share this with you because there are many benefits to applying the concepts in Dean's book to your own life and who knows what destination may be ahead for you, but the journey along the way will be filled with many unexpected rewards! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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