Tip for new investors - Be confident, calm, cool and collective!

Tip for new investors - Be confident, calm, cool and collective!

Hello New DG Investors,

I often read how many new DG Members are nervous or afraid. At one time in our lives were were all afraid or nervous of something but we tried it and were able to overcome the fear. Whether it was riding a bike without training wheels, learning to swim, or asking the prettiest girl in school to dance.

Thus, through practice we learn to overcome these fears and real estate investing is no different. Dean provides the tools, techniques and tips for you to succeed. All you need to do is apply them!

If you practice, like with many other things from sports to musical instruments, practice makes us all better at what we do. The DG Amin left a comment on a thread a few days ago and it read "Just Do It" or "Fake it until you make it!" These are so true.

Through trying you will become a better investor, a better listener, a better problem solver, a better deal maker. At first everyone may judge you by how professional you look or sound. Thus, do not go overboard. Make sure you have business cards, a notepad, and conduct your way in a business manner. You do not have to wear a suit, but dress as they say in casual business attire. Hope this helps. Good luck finding those deals! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Can i find a property first

can i find a property first and then find a buyer for it?Where to find the buyers?


for your buyers through your local newspaper or penny pincher papers, flyers, postcards, business cards left at other business establishments you may visit throughout the week or weekend (i.e. your barber (or salon, if you're female)), Applebee's or other favorite restaurant and so on. You don't have to do all these forms of advertising simultaneously. You can build upon them as you generate more cash flow for your marketing plan.

fbaharmast wrote:
can i find a property first and then find a buyer for it?Where to find the buyers?


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great advice joe!!

this is great advice for all of us joe!! as you said we r all afraid to take that LEAP at some point,keeping calm even though our heart is pumping like crazy is def the right thing to do ,this will portray you as a level headed business person that has been in this situation many times and can handle anything.as we all know sometimes if the other side thinks we are underdeveloped they will try to undermine us.acting in this way also gives us a great deal of confidence.i would like to add patience to your list also. thanks joe for your insight on this post as well as many others you contribute .i believe you can achieve joe !!


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