Success Academy

Success Academy

Last night I received a phone call from a representative of the Success Academy. He told me they were looking for candidates for success stories over the next 8-12 months.

I was asked what my goals were:
1. 3,000-10,000 a month within two years
2. Retire by the time I'm 55 years old (7 years from now).

I was the asked what I did for a living - tax professional - seasonal employee.
What crdeit cards I had - none.
If I had capitol - none.

I told them I had applied for two credit cards, but was turned down because of lack of revovling credit and insufficent experience with high lines of credit.

I was told I was not a candidate for the Success Academy and should take out a business loan. When I asked how do I do that I was told to get my cedit score up. When I asked how to do that I was told to take out a business loan.

Needless to say I was really bummed out. I asked how much the Success Academy was and was told again I was not a candidate, but I could still use the information from the books. The representative refused to give me anymore information on the Success Academy and wished me luck.

Has anyone else had this type of experience?
I wish I knew how much the Success Academy is as it seems may people really benifit from it.


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