Looking for the Dean's special deal on COA Network

Looking for the Dean's special deal on COA Network

I am ready to set up my automated recorded message and I've read in Dean's new book on page 82 that he has a special deal set-up for his clients with COA Networks. I went to their website but did not see any such link or info. Does anyone know where to get info on this deal? Is there a link to it here on this site or on the COA Network site? Thanks.


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try ringcentral.com

you will pay 29.95 at COA plus $15 installation. I canceled them after 2 months because I couldnt afford them and went with Rincentral.com . You only pay installation of $15 for an 1800# but I decided to use a local # which doesnt cost you anything. I pay $15 a month for 100 minutes which is not alot but I am not getting many calls and only using it to take messages. Chech them out if you like.




I use to use RingCentral

I use to use RingCentral before I joined with Dean's program. I can say from first hand experience COA Network's system is a whole lot better and easier to use. Plus it has Dean's recordings preconfigured for you. The $29.95 includes unlimited minutes so you won't get suprised at the end of the month.

buy the audio format

buy the audio format of Dean's books, they're worth 5 times what it costs and comprehension goes thru the roof (did I spell that right?)


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