Why An Investor Friendly Real Estate Agent

Why An Investor Friendly Real Estate Agent

An investor friendly real estate agent is one of the most important members of your power team. They are a great source of motivated sellers and have access to the most accurate and current comparable analysis data. Real Estate agents sell approximately 75 to 80% of the houses sold across the U.S.
Real Estate Agents can be an excellent source of motivated sellers, sellers who are willing to negotiate or take below fmv. In other words sellers who need or have to sell vs sellers who want to sell if the price is right. We can't compete with retail buyers willing to pay full price for their dream home.

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Thanks for the insightful tip on good friendly real erstate agents. They sure can make all the difference in the world. I have found that sometimes a good real estate agent can present an offer to a seller in a better way then another real estate agent who may not like the offer and lets the seller interpret this through their tone and actions. Thus, good friendly real estate agents are worth theirweight in gold. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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How does your real estate agent get paid and how much?

Hi, I have found this very aggressive RE Agent who has worked with investors. Can someone advise me how an RE agent gets paid, how much, and when? I would appreciate your suggestions/insights. Thanks.

How does your real estate agent get paid and how much?

Hey I was just reading a smiler post on a anther RE from

This was written by Indiana-Joe

"When a property is listed, it is usually listed by a real estate broker. The real estate broker, or a real estate agent in a broker's office, will list a property. Any other broker or real estate agent can present the offer to the listing agent to present to the Seller. The Seller of the property pays the commission to the real estate agents on the sale of the property. The seller and listing agent agree on a commission when they first list the property and the commission is paid when the property is sold. The commission can vary depending on the price of the home and area of the country it is located in. For example, lets say the commission is 6%. The commission is usually split between the Listing agent and the Selling agent (usually 3% to each party).

Thus, if John was a broker and listed a property and you went to Sally to submit an offer and the deal closed. John would probably make 3% of the commission and Sally would make 3% of the commission which would be paid by the seller. Thus, the real estate agents get paid at closing when the property transaction is completed. If you assign the deal and the property closing the agent will be paid then.

The incentive to the agent is the volume of deals you may start doing. You may even buy and flip homes or buy and hold. So an agent may make even more as you progress as an investor. I hope this helps. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe"

I thought this would help.


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RE Agent

Find that Realtor (RE Agent) who isn't afraid of submitting your offer to other Broker/Agent handling the listing. They have to be confident in themselves in presenting your offer & persuading the other party to accept you offer. Your agent should be able to talk your offer above the other offers in multiple bid on any particular and all properties you maybe interested in in bidding on.


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Dream Team!?

This may have been asked in another topic or post but I wanted to bring it up here since its mentioned in the introduction. What and or who exactly should be the members of your dream team or power team as its reffered to above in order to make deals move as fast and smooth as possible? Ex: RE agent, mortage broker, etc.