Why no chat rm ?

Why no chat rm ?

Why we dont have a chat room in our DG website? It would be nice to IM our members online so we can chat with them like we do with yahoo chat When we PM our members and sometimes it takes them days for them to get back to us. What you think guys ?



I Agree


I totally agree with you. It would be super great to be able to IM our online members. We could get our questions answered even faster and keep up with each other a little better as well.

GREAT IDEA!!! Let's get an IM system here on the board going Smiling

SuperMoneyMan Cool

Chat room

Maybe it's because in a chat room it wold be harde to keep track of the comments that are discussed. It would, I imagine take alot of constant supervision. It is important that Members be supervised on this forum. There is a great deal of information given here at any time. I think it is thoughtful of the Company to assure us as members we are given the appropiate info.Especially as a new comer. Just my opinion! Continued success........Lubertha




Thanks for sharing your idea with the DG group. I think it is great that the more ideas we can share the better we can make the DG website and help even more investors. In regards to the threads and information, I find it very helpful to go back and read older threads and review prior discussion blogs. Thus, as Lubertha mentioned, it may be good to have a written trail of information to go back and reference and add to the discussions at anytime rather than the instant messaging. With that being said, I still believe new ideas is what will propel us and other DG Members to new heights, so keep those new ideas flowing. I really like seeing the DG Members taking action and trying to make a great website even better! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Thanks for getting back to me

I do understand all of your point of view. I do go back and fourth and read the latest messages. Wish you all well !!


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